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Lycanthropic Chants

SEPULCHRAL CURSE – Deathbed Sessions MLP

SEPULCHRAL CURSE – Deathbed Sessions MLP

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Finnish Black / Death Metallers SEPULCHRAL CURSE are back with a brand new EP. Out via Personal Records, Lycanthropic Chants and Transylvanian Recordings on May 6th.

Atmospheric guitars cascade into life with excellent melodies and soulful leads atop rocky drums. Bringing the more Death Metal side is the vocal performance with Kari’s low register growls that are interspersed with harrowing screams, the diversity suiting the brutal yet haunting instrumentals. Through the walls of extremity that the drums and guitars provided, the warm and clear bass guitar emanates with a clarity one might not associate with Black / Death Metal yet alas elevates the sound beautifully. Flared with dissonance to contrast the melodious, this EP is packed with dynamics and exciting twists to keep the attention focussed solely on the intense music at hand. Spectral, inhuman and tastefully weird, Sepulchral Curse’s return is one of great triumph.

Deeper we sink into the cacophonous sound of horror and otherworldliness, as the music warps more into strange contortions of Extreme Metal magnificence, both malicious and stunning to witness. Amidst the darkness and mysterious, there are plenty of moments of pure headbanging rage and ferocious musical thrashing that ramps up the mood into a feral call to arms for carnage. The band has clearly found a balance that works exceedingly well for them, from their brutal EP’s to the more expansive full length, there is plenty from all of their past here, while moving ever forward with proud strides further into charnel metallic heaviness. With the 1st and 3rd tracks more blackened and expansive while the 2nd and 4th more firmly rooted in Death Metal, the split seems very even and well-executed. All of their 3 new tracks offer something different and yet singular in their sepulchral vision that is worth listening to. Closing the EP is a cover of Finnish Death Metal legends Demigod. Paying respect to such a titanic band is no small feat, but naturally these seasoned musicians pull it off excellently while adding their own stamp to the wonderful track.




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