We dispatch our items from the United Kingdom. At checkout, the shipping cost will be determined based on the weight of your order. 

Our website intuitively converts prices to match your local currency.

To provide some clarity:

  • 5 records with packaging weigh about 2kg.
  • 12 records are around 5kg.

Ordering in bulk offers better shipping rates. If you have specific requirements or questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We aim to ship orders within 1-2 working days when items are in stock. For international deliveries, please anticipate a 12 to 14-day window.

Note that pre-ordered items have specific release dates. Do check these dates and other details before inquiring about delivery. If you're ordering from outside the UK, you might incur additional customs duties or taxes.

Shipping Zones and Rates:

Europe (Countries including Albania, Andorra, Armenia, etc.)

International Tracked :

0kg–0.5kg: £10.00 GBP
0.6kg–1.5kg: £12.00 GBP
1.6kg–2kg: £13.00 GBP
2.1kg–5kg: £30.00 GBP

United Kingdom (Including Ireland)

Standard UK Postage            0kg–2kg: £3.00 
Tracked                               2.1kg–5kg: £12.00 
Tracked 24 with Signature     0kg–2kg: £5.00 

World Zone 2

(Regions like Australia, British Indian Ocean Territory, Christmas Island, etc.)

International Tracked

0kg–0.5kg: £16.00 GBP
0.501kg–1kg: £22.00 GBP
1.001kg–2kg: £29.00 GBP
2.1kg–5kg: £66.00 GBP

World Zone 3 (Primarily USA, Canada, and Mexico)

International Tracked

0kg–0.5kg: £16.00 GBP
0.5kg–1kg: £22.00 GBP
1.1kg–2kg: £25.00 GBP
2.1kg–5kg: £50.00 GBP

Zone 1 (Rest of the World)

International Signed

0kg–0.5kg: £16.00 GBP
0.501kg–1kg: £21.00 GBP
1.001kg–2kg: £25.00 GBP

International Tracked

2.1kg–5kg: £100.00 GBP