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Rudra - Brahmavidya : Immortal I CD

Rudra - Brahmavidya : Immortal I CD

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These Singaporean madmen are back with their 6th full length to unleash the hellish brand of Vedic blackened death metal upon the unsuspecting masses. But if you’re a fan you already know what to expect as these guys have been using the same blueprint, ripping your face off since the beginning of their career while dialing the progressiveness and intensity up and down for the most part. On this album, it’s all about the intensity and my word, does it kick some mean ass or what? All their albums are amazing, but this album may just be the one to convert you into the fold if you aren’t a fan already. Unfortunately these fellas only got the deserved acclamation and international recognition by the release of their 4th album, Brahmavidya Primordial I. Quite a shame really, and I would really advise any self-respecting metal-head to go out of his/her way to get all their albums. They really are that good, and you can trust me on that.


Reissued by Awakening records 2022

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