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Gods ov War Productions

INTOLERANCE - Dark Paths of Humanity Cassette

INTOLERANCE - Dark Paths of Humanity Cassette

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 The very density of the world of death metal is not something that is to be underestimated. You could dig every day for years and years with there still seeming to never be an end to what there is to offer with virtually every base, concept, and idea covered by the thousands of albums that are released every single month, yet it’s when a quality piece comes around that it still feels like we’ve come upon true, certifiable gold. There are few things in the world of music that can compare to the unleashed euphoria of discovering an awesome work of death metal, and I cannot express to you enough how much that was precisely the case when I was overcome by the first full-length album from intolerance and it’s magnificent power!

With how dense and diverse the very realms of death metal have become in recent times, it can almost seem boring to see a band do nothing but play death metal with no tremendous angle born from an adjacent or completely different style nor trying something different or flashy in order to make the performance “more interesting”. Oftentimes, the most straightforward approach can be the most interesting and satisfying should it fall into the right hands. If nothing else, the hands of Intolerance absolutely have got to be the right ones. The cover art for their first full-length album, “Dark Paths of Humanity”, almost promises the listener a crazy and almost outlandish vision of death metal, but it’s by sticking to the very basic teachings of the old school of death metal that the eight tracks of this tremendous entrance do not go without leaving the impression of ultimate, unstoppable power. There isn’t a single facet of this album in which Intolerance sought to become anything more than an entity of death metal whose presence simply cannot be denied, and it’s glorious to see that there’s all there is to the performance! Not once does the band try to be fancy, they don’t try to implement massive cues from other styles, they keep each track relatively simple but still undeniably potent right from the beginning, and they manage to pack it all into these eight gripping tracks with the final reality of “Dark Paths of Humanity” very clear: unyielding power with the vision and clear-minded efficiency deadly enough to conquer all the way to the very ends of the earth.

I’ve never once been one to turn away innovation or a crazy performance when it comes before me for they always have something interesting to offer, but there’s something particularly fascinating when a band comes around and manages to craft an experience that is devastating in every way with a tried and true formula that could easily sound stale, boring, and recycled in the wrong hands. To witness “Dark Paths of Humanity” is to witness the start of something immense in the style, and I truly cannot wait to see what else Intolerance is capable of!


Label: Godz Ov War Productions

Format: MC

Release date: 13.05.2022

Country: Spain

Genre: Death Metal

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