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Anticreation - From the Dust of Embers LP

Anticreation - From the Dust of Embers LP

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This is some dark, haunting, often fast blackened death that features an atmosphere that's scary, depressing and apocalyptic at the same time. Unsurprisingly, this is a Greek band. Whatever is in the water over there has created so many great black metal bands, and Anticreation throw in some death metal for seasoning. They steer clear of the orchestrations of many of their country mates and just plow away with just the regular stuff and manage to create some dark yet very beautiful music (OK, your non-metal friends might disagree with that last statement). There's, of course, heaviness to boot, but not quite crushing, just teasing a little bit. The vocals are of the death growls variety, partly decipherable, and the delivery adds even more darkness to what is already dark music. I can't say any of this stuck with me once the album was over, but that's not what it's about. It's a whole experience, not something meant to be catchy. Damn good stuff.



1. Faith's Demystification 00:46  
2. From the Dust of Embers 04:04  
3. The Beauty of Lava 05:44  
4. Abomination Reborn 04:50  
5. The Last Perception 04:12  
6. A Journey into the Throat of Death 04:35  
7. The Swarm 00:45  
8. Unborn 04:25  
9. Kathagiasis 04:37  
10. The Supreme Terror  03:16  


Published by Nuclear Winter Records

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