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Life After Death

Idle Ruin - Cassette

Idle Ruin - Cassette

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Idle Ruin - Tape

Idle Ruin are a blackened death/thrash metal band from Australia formed in 2020, releasing their self titled E.P. later the same year.

Aggression, anger, and attitude, are delivered in gigantic quantities by Aussie newcomers Idle Ruin – with their four song debut E.P. a crushing cacophony of blistering death infused thrash metal. In just eighteen minutes, Idle Ruin deliver a rip roaring roller coaster ride of pace and power. Not for the faint of heart, the band tear through the E.P. with tremendous force, slugging the listener with savage brutality, leaving cuts and bruises that’ll need urgent medical attention.

The barrage of savagery is let loose with the ferocious ‘Whipped To Death’. Hitting harder than a dozen freight trucks all at once, ‘Whipped To Death’ is a crushing, violent attack with savage intent. A no holds barred, give it all you’ve got opening, Idle Ruin have stunned with a ferocious opener. ‘Spiritual Contagion’ sees the ferocity level doubled, and the aggression level tripled! The shredding guitars rip through sinews with ease and the vocals rain fear down on every pair of listening ears – and if you’re ears ain’t bleeding, it ain’t loud enough.



1. Whipped To Death
2. Spiritual Contagion
3. The Devil's Trade
4. Gods of Glass

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