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Burial - Unholy Sedition LP

Burial - Unholy Sedition LP

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Fans of the music played by bands like Satyricon in their early days will have a great time listening to what this underground British act is capable of offering, being visceral but extremely technical at the same time. In addition, if you already know Burial you’ll notice a slight change in their musicality from their previous album, dropping part of the Death Metal sound and delivering an all-out Black Metal assault. In case this is your first contact with the band, get ready for 30 minutes of brutality in the form of the short, fast and devastating tunes found in Unholy Sedition. You won’t regret being blasted by the band’s ferocious music


Released by Cavernous Records


1. Infernal Spirit 03:03  
2. Malevolent Possession 04:00  
3. Satanic Immolation 02:22  
4. Coven of Death 02:07  
5. Nothing Awaits 03:35  
6. Defile the Sacrament 04:14  
7. Cast to the Flames 02:55  
8. Beyond Redemption 03:57  
9. Devoured by the Earth 03:47  
10. Nun Fucking Black Metal 01:12  
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