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Reputdeath - Long sleeve T-shirt

Reputdeath - Long sleeve T-shirt

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Reputdeath - Dissection Goryfication Long sleeve T-shirt printed on a black Gildan heavy long sleeve

Limited edition

"Savage, meaty and devastatingly heavy, this festering demo of true Swedish-style Death Metal worship is utterly killer. If you don’t already know the rotten rhythms of Reputdeath, make sure to check their new cut of decay out as soon as you can!

Malaysian Death Metal is one truly killer, if easily overlooked scene, one band of this obscure movement is REPUTDEATH who offer us a revolting new demo via Necrolatry Records.

The familiar buzzsaw tone of HM-2 guitars grinds into life atop mountainous bass lines and ferocious drumming, instantly developing into a cacophony of macabre Swedeath worship. The riffs meet some nice lead work to lend a melodic flare to the heaviness, while keeping the doomy and charnel tone as morbid as one could hope for. Drawn out vocals and slower guitars create a monolithic atmosphere that is equally as intense as the flesh-ripping blasts as they crawl through a murky vision of abyssal old school Death Metal. Battering us with sheer brutality that is purely worshipping the 90s school of European extremity, these guys know how to structure songs in an exciting and yet classic way while keeping all of the fetid grit of a demo-style production that doesn’t polish away the character. The groovier stomping rhythms, spectrally bleak slower moments and crushingly heavy blasts ebb and flow in a grotesquely heavy and organic fashion to keep things from stagnating while packing one hell of a sonic punch with a strong-odoured atmosphere to match." - NATTSKOG'S BLOG

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