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Cathartic - Through the Abysmal Gates of Subconscious LP (PRE-ORDER)

Cathartic - Through the Abysmal Gates of Subconscious LP (PRE-ORDER)

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We're proud to announce that CATHARTIC's debut full-length album "Through the Abysmal Gates of Subconscious" is now available for pre-order. Reserve your copy by making a regular purchase, and you'll receive an order confirmation right away. Your item should be ready to ship July 1st.

If your order includes both in-stock and pre-ordered items, please note that your parcel will be held until everything is ready to ship together. If you want to receive your in-stock items sooner, we suggest placing 2 separate orders

"Through the Abysmal Gates of Subconscious" musical style can be defined as a return to the roots of death metal, with a hint of melody and doom. A clever combination of fast and catchy riffs and just the right amount of slow and intense heavy parts make up its sound." 


Erick Beltrán (vocals and guitar), Jimmy Beltrán (guitar), Jimmy Figueroa (bass) and Damián Silva (drums) have wrapped this feisty death metal treat up in a suitably gloomy piece of Dan Seagrave artwork, and the music encased within dregs the depths of the 90s Scandinavian scene successfully even though I didn’t expect such designs.

Dismember, God Macabre and the likes spring to mind from the off as the gnashing blades of ‘Beyond Grief’ come spitting fire and rolling like well-foamed serpent coils. Vocally, Beltrán is aggressive but familiar in his phlegm-coated growls and that guitar tone just reeks of the more melodious strains of Dismember. However, there does often appear to be more beneath those initially formulaic waves of discontent, but one does feel that the quartet is more than happy to dwell in such murky territory.

I love the bass sound which provides extra fuzzy flavour, and the melodious flashes really do bring further flashes of melancholy, and when married to the vocals and pulverising percussion – particularly on a track such as ‘In The Pits Of Anguish’ – one really does begin to enjoy the accessibility yet ravenous structures this nine-track affair offers.

The last time I heard similar pleasures was from a band called Xorcist who could be forgiven for their mimicry as they are in fact Swedish, but like Cathartic they seem to have found an extra ingredient in their brand.

The hammering drums in sync with the guitar tone really do give this album more flair than your routine Swedish outing. The likes of ‘Hateful Faith’ and ‘From The Unknown’ still brim with that chainsaw tone, but maybe it’s just that South American magic that comes to the fore once it has been injected.

The speed of this record remains just as important as those gloomy mid-tempo tones. I just love the dense, doomy trudge of ‘Gloomy Ways To Decay’ coupled with its bursts of aggression, and the same could also be said for the clattering mayhem of ‘Path To Perdition’, so what you’re getting is Swedish death metal worship with something foul lurking within and which oh so often extends its tentacles to toy with the sound so as to never keep it stable or too familiar.

I’m not very welcoming when it comes to the constant worship of the Swedish death metal scene because we can never again come close to such delights, but Cathartic has delivered a boisterous and belligerent album of structures we’re all accustomed too and yet here I am praising its depths." -



"Cathartic‘s debut long player ultimately impresses for the sake of its balancing act of brutish groove, intelligent melodicism and a certain professional finesse which reaches for early 90’s death metal sensibilities with great confidence and purpose. With that goal in mind and well-achieved ‘Through the Abysmal Gates of Subconscious‘ impresses from start to finish with generally strong variety in its tempo map and of course, plenty of riffs. The only place to go from here, from my point of view, is to identify those kernels of originality which spark up on the regular throughout the full listen and to make the event even more their own realm in the future. For the ‘old school’ leaning Scandinavian style death metal fandom this’ll undoubtedly be the high bar set for 2022. A high recommendation." - grizzlybutts

Limited to 300 copies

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